What We Offer

THEGRIP is a product of Frontier Industrial Applications LLC and has been a household item in our family for about 3 years now. 

We have just recently taken the leap to founding our official namesake and pursuing our dream of providing the world with an affordable means of securing their handheld devices.

We enjoy the simpler things in life, such as the comfort of feeling confident that our belongings are secure and safe during various activities. Activities like extreme video recording, texting while laying on your back, texting over water; seriously, THEGRIP is great for taking selfies and videos/ photos with an extended reach and security.

The added security and comfort when handling your device  is our motivation for producing ​THEGRIP. With it we hope that you too can explore, climb and text with great grip and confidence.

Hard-working American inventors and engineers

About Our Company

We offer a unique accessory to your phone or other hand-held device that will make you gain a new sense of security and comfort while handling your device.

Our device-grip accessory, ​THEGRIP, is made of a polyester elastic  and adhesive strips that allow for easy application and secure handling of any hand-held device or controller.

Custom Brand

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