Product and Safety Information

Safety Concerns

FIA LLC, creator of THEGRIP, is not liable for any injuries that may result from improper use of this product.

If a malfunction occurs within 30 days of purchase, FIA LLC will replace THEGRIP with no additional costs, if a receipt or proof of purchase is received with the request for replacement.

It is possible that after continuous, uninterrupted use of THEGRIP over an extended period of time a slight redness is observed on the tip of the finger due to prolonged constriction. We advise against prolonged restriction of circulation. This is a reminder to not spend TOO much time on your phone a day, and to use this accessory responsibly.

Keep the packaging and information provided with THEGRIP is away from small children as it is a possible choking hazard.

THEGRIP Duo adds new versatility to the GRIP series. 

With this model one can control their phone in a landscape fashion. This is highly desirable for one-handed videos and wide pictures.

In addition THEGRIP Duo has a wider backing for an even greater feel of security.


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THEGRIP Hybrid combines the best of both worlds of THEGRIP Slim and THEGRIP Duo.

This unique style allows users the same landscape functionality of THEGRIP Duo while providing more sleek backings when being used in portrait orientation. 


THEGRIP products are one-time application accessories to your phone, phone case, or other hand-held device.

You may stretch the elastic some before applying on to your device, although we do not recommend applying one end of THEGRIP then stretching the elastic to attach the other end. Instead apply at the natural, full length of THEGRIP.

Sizes: These are one size fits all accessories, but if you have a concern that your hand may not fit, then you can always contact us or include a comment in the box provided when ordering. We may be able to accommodate your request.

THEGRIP is not intended to withstand against "abusive" handling. It is possible that with excessive use or inappropriate handling THEGRIP may start to lose its shape and functionality. 

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures (>100°F) or direct sunlight may result in a breakdown of the adhesive and subsequent loss of functionality.

Package Deal

The Hybrid

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Here we are offering a package deal. This package comes with 1 Slim, 2 Duos, and 2 Hybrids. 

Our Party Pack is great for the family, stocking stuffers, and party favors!

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The Slim

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The Duo

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THEGRIP Slim offers a new level of added security to your everyday phone use. 

With THEGRIP Slim you will not have to worry about dropping your phone again. 

This design makes it easy for secure, one-handed typing and browsing on your phone. 

It is also great for taking selfies!

Application and Use Tips